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tv   Today  NBC  January 30, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> you made it. it happened. it is try day friday. january 29th, 2016. jenna bush hager filling in for kathie lee. kath will be back on monday. that's irresistible. by demi lovato and fall-out boy. speaking of irresistible. check out who is in the kitchen, baby.
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>> one tall. >> we're taking you two down later. we're gonna take you down. >> we have mario cantone and ralph macchio. they're co-starring in a play. >> get it out. >> we don't have that much time. >> are y'all gonna boss us around? >> that's right, y'all. we're going to be bossing y'all around. hey, y'all. i'm going to cook something in the kitchen with my sons. >> i'm from a certain region i just learned. >> this is my son bobby. i'm paula dean. >> oh, boy. >> all right. we're going to have these guys. they're talking -- they're an italian family living under one roof. >> it's a play. >> called "a room of my own." you know, i should be sitting over there. we should be. we should be hosting this show.
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all right. we also get ready to marvin gaye. chath -- charlie puth is here. he is up for three grammys. he just debuted -- his album just dropped today. his first stop was right here. i love it. he's gonna sing this song for us, or one of them. >> if you have the same old party that you throw for the big football game -- >> you know why we're not saying the word s-u-p-e-r-b-o-w-l. >> you know why? >> we're not allowed to. >> you're not allowed to because the patriots didn't make it. >> don't start with me. >> don't -- >> were they in the running? who are you rooting for? >> of course, the patriots. you know, i love tom brady, but the one that i really love -- my favorite is tom brady's understudy jimmy garoppolo. it's his looks. i can't take it.
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to throw a bash for the s-u-p-e-r-b-o-w-l. like you've never done before. gridiron gal. we're gonna talk about some >> this is interesting. american idol. this is the final season. she always gives very encouraging words and often she says wise things to kids. there was a group song which meant everybody who was auditioning participated in the group, and they had to work together. one group didn't do well, and jennifer lopez thinks she knows the reason why. it was a girl named alise that wasn't playing well with others in the sandbox. take a listen. everything goes
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obvious tension, and you could feel it in the performance. this is all about collaborating. i would say my biggest strength in this business and the reason that i've been around as long as i have is because people like to work with me. if you don't play well with others, you won't last very long. you'll have a moment if you are super, super talented, but after a while people start rooting against you. >> you know what, she's right. >> it's true. >> isn't that so true? >> this could be any industry, any field. you want to work with people that want to work together. >> i worked in local news for a long time, and i remember news directors when they were trying to figure out if they were going to hire you from that small market, they would call the photographers you worked with because they knew that those guys knew you like nobody else. they knew you at your worst when you were complaining and all that sort of stuff. i think i'd rather work with someone who is talented and super nice than someone who is extra talented and kind of a jerk. >> yeah. everybody always says, like, oh, gosh, y'all all seem like a
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i said y'all again. shhhh. i'm talking to you. he is not listening. >> my ears are -- you know, people love to work with me because i am not difficult at all. >> are you difficult, mario? >> i'm not difficult. he's really not difficult. >> he is a little bit difficult. we have two kids. i snap at them. i don't care. that's not your line. don't say that right there. don't step on my junk, you little brat. >> but it's true. working as part of a team is so important. >> yeah. >> speaking of, i like working with you. you know one reason why? >> why? >> i like your tunes. i get it. >> how do you get it? >> i get why she doesn't like your songs. >> i played a throwback. ignition remix. >> i love r. kelly. >> all right. we played ignition remix.
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enjoyed it too. this was on our facebook page. >> normally i don't do this. >> it is a break-in weekend. i'm not trying to be cool >> can we see the other person do it? it's the freaking weekend baby about to have me some fun bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce >> that's it. k.l.g., kathie lee, she's now doing hip-hop. >> k.l.g. -- we call her k.l.g. is apple drop friday. >> i have to tell you that babies like rap. >> babies like rap?
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>> do you have your phone? >> i don't have my phone. when mila was a baby, that robin anybody? >> what was it? >> you know, what? want it she would go -- you know i want it she couldn't talk. could bounce and there is something about that -- >> the bouncing. >> that's her favorite song. >> that was sent to us by amanda news about kim basinger. she's returning to the big screen, everybody. she's doing the cast of "fifty shades of gray." >> fifty shades darker. >> which is the second one. >> did you read this book? not the second one. >> were you sort of embarrassed? >> i wasn't. i had to read it for work. it was -- >> you had to read it for work. >> i had to read it -- >> for work. >> we realized the air quotes aren't working well in this show. we're never air quoting the same thing. >> we love them. >> she plays the part of elena
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former love. she's the one who taught him the ropes. i think she's a good pick for that. >> no pun intended. >> she's 62. >> taught him the ropes. remember, they were tied? >> yeah, it wasn't funny. [ laughter ] >> is there a clip? okay. this film hits theaters in 2017. >> 2017. remember "nine and a half weeks?" >> i called it nine and a half years. >> for me it was nine and a half weeks. >> we're going to play a game. these are celebs who don't age. we showed you j.lo in vegas. this is what they looked like ten years ago and what they look like now. she looks younger today. i think the one on the left is the young one, right? >> are we supposed -- >> selma hayak.
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>> on the right. >> i would say on the -- >> on the right is the younger. >> i would say it's the elder. >> left is older. >> gwen stephanie. definitely the right is older. >> i would say the right is younger. >> spiky hair is definitely younger. >> right is older. >> you switched it. >> you're confusing us. >> yes. >> angela basset. >> younger and then with the long hair. >> exactly. >> wait. is that right? >> yes. >> mario cantone -- >> ralph macchio. younger with the white shirt. >> you can't tell. yes, you can. mario cantone, we're ready. >> young other the left.
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>> younger on the right. >> ten years. >> you guys are sick. what have you done? >> i have nothing. we've done nothing. we don't do the botox. >> we blame our parents. >> or any of that. >> no botox? >> no botox. nothing. i've done nothing. it's coming soon. when i'm like this, come kill me. come kill me. that's it. >> all right. we have a new. -- new zoo lander tease. let's watch it. zoolander is strutting his stuff on the sydney harbor bridge in australia. take a look. relax don't do it when you want to go to it relax don't do it when you want to come >> the best, i'm sorry. the best. >> i can't wait to see that. >> they want a room of their
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to share our studio for now. ralph and mario, get ready to play. we know they will, right.
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>> you know how it is when you are around family for too long. sometimes they can drive you absolutely nuts. >> now imagine an outspoken, opinionated, italian-american family all living together under one roof in a studio apartment. >> that is the premise of the new off broadway show. it's called a room of my own. based on the true story, and it stars ralph macchio and mario cantone cantone. hi, kids. how did this get-together happen? >> i have known him a long time. >> we've known each other for years. i saw him in -- you know, i saw him in his first broadway show "cuba." >> cuba and his teddy bear. >> and he told me yesterday, i
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in my first broadway show when i replaced nathan lane. he was there my first night. >> my wife and i went to see the play. you know, nathan lane was in the show. we were all excited. we get there. the show was the day before. mario cantone. he killed it. it was a great night. >> it was a horrifying night. we both saw each other's broadway debut. here we are. >> now we're all broadway because we're artists. we're artists. the true theater is broadway. >> tons of money. >> tell us about this play. you say that it's important that it's an italian-american family, that's in a comedy. that it's fun for you to do this. >> well, because it's not just an italian-american family because there are no italian-american sitcoms or -- where are they? or even dramas? they'll put us on reality shows to look like freaks, but they won't give us a scripted show. i would like to see that, and this is -- it's -- i haven't seen an italian-american play in a long time. >> no, not in a long time. written and directed by charles messina. it's a comedy, and it's a
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also a great deal of nostalgia. >> what's the relationship between you two in the show? >> it's a memory play. he narrates it, and talks to his younger self. >> trying to make sense of the insanity. >> i'm the uncle. >> are you funny? >> very funny. >> i'm slightly opinionated uncle that lives upstairs. >> takes place in 1979. my character is really -- was -- is a writer who is going back to explore the chapter in his life to make sense of the insanity in which he grew up. things change and time warps. >> is it funny? >> there are characters like my cousins and mother. he's everybody that i ever grew up with. i know him very well. >> you are also working with your husband. you have been married both 20 years plus. >> congratulations. >> what advice? >> well, i don't know. there's my husband. we're doing a concert together. february 6th at the american
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tickets are american song there we are! >> look at you. >> we're doing a show together. it's the first time. he wrote music for my one man show on broadway, but we've never performed together. >> what's the secret? >> i don't know. you know, oh, my gosh, i'm still trying to find out. no, the secret is, you know, staying the course, commitment, knowing -- for me it's knowing -- there's my wife. >> she loves me more than him. >> she does love him more than me. but it's, you know, it's believing. it's commitment. it's finding the right one, and i did. >> you did find the right one. you need the balance. jerry is a very -- very steady. >> not like you. >> no. >> he lets you talk. >> he has more of a -- >> he has more of a director's mentality and a writer's mentality even though he is an actor, but -- and i'm the one who grabs all the attention. >> in a couple one person needs to be the audience, and one person needs to be the star. >> are you the star?
2:23 am
>> my wife is the star. the audience is me. >> we share a role. >> all right, kids. stick around, okay? don't go anywhere because we're going to play charades. you want to play? >> you want to play a game? >> yes, i do. >> okay, good. >> plus, we're going to extra yard with the ultimate big game bash right after this. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, r where are you?r are you taking at zumba class? clothes, ruining them forever. sweaters stretch into muumuus. and pilled cardigans become pets. but it's not you, it's the laundry.
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>> we're back with mario and ralph macchio, stars of the off-broadway comedy, called "a roof of my own." >> typo, typo. when is it playing? >> stick around with us. they're going to play a game of charades.
2:26 am
>> you velcroed my ass to the chair. >> here's what's going to happen. [ all speak at once ] >> andrew is our referee. he is going to pick a card. he's going to hand it to one member of our team. we have to hum it, draw it, or act it out. i'm with ralph. >> first one is -- >> you can't read it. >> first one is for hoda. >> okay. >> she has to draw it. >> okay. ready? >> go. >> wax on, wax off. >> use the force. >> jimmy durante's nose. >> oh, i know. >> the country of italy. >> yes! yes! >> this is for jenna, and she has to act it out. >> act it out. okay. mama mia. do do. this is for you. this is for you. what am i doing? >> you're making --
2:27 am
>> the next one is for ralph. >> you're up, ralph. come on. >> ralph needs to -- >> i'll do it. >> come on, ralph. you got it. >> okay. here we go. >> wait. now we're going to do this. >> oh, my god. top hat. leaning tower of pisa. >> yeah, baby. >> this one is for mario. >> you need to hum it. >> oh, my god. i don't know. i don't know. i don't know how it goes. i'll act it out. >> he can't act. >> scenes from an italian restaurant. forget that one.
2:28 am
oh, oh. >> okay. this is a scene. i need something. >> wait. wait. that's my card. >> yeah, whatever. >> what are you doing? >> are you going to floss your teeth? what are you doing? >> oh, my goodness. this is getting -- >> lady and the tramp. >> yes. [ jenna humming ] >> on top of old smoky. >> but not smoky, but -- >> on top of spaghetti. >> i got it. >> we won! we won! >> by one point it's hoda and ralph. >> canolis. >> can we have -- can i have one? >> yes, everybody gets a cannoli. >> a little fun and football. we're having a gridiron party. >> wait.
2:29 am
carolina, with my one man show on march 5th and richfield, connecticut, february 26th.
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>> it is try day friday. jenna bush hager is in for kathie lee, and the carolina panthers take on the denver brorchg -- broncos next weekend. >> we know who you like. >> everybody is coming over to
2:31 am
why not have a big gala. >> we are stepping outside the end zone with food and decor. all about glitter and glamour with the help of entertaining and lifestyle expert j.j. shall we? >> oh, hold on. >> ding dong. >> we're here. >> oh. >> glad to see you. >> welcome. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> i love your dress. >> thank you. performing at the big game, right? we have to start with bling rings. ladies, take them. bling rings. hoda, try it on your pinkie also. >> because if you like it, then you should have put a ring on it, right? and also, doubles as the -- >> i know you are waiting for the cocktail. just like in texas, right? this is a beer-garita.
2:32 am
this is a beer-garita. everyone brings over beer. yes? >> hmm. >> right? >> oh, my god. >> so lime-ade and tequila just mixed with light beer. if your guests bring over light beer, mix it up. all day long, right? >> you can do it. >> it's so good. >> isn't it a ten? >> okay. garnished with a lime and a little salt. we have our bling rings. we have our cocktail. >> do you have flowers at a super bowl party? >> flowers at a super bowl party? >> it's a big game. >> gridiron gala. >> gridiron gala. yes, okay. look at the vase. okay? >> a red solo cup on crystal. isn't that so fun? >> genius. >> how did you make these? internet. all you do is just put the flower of your choice in it. it also doubles as what you can drink out of. i repurposed it here to show you that you can also use this as a
2:33 am
>> we have so much to eat. >> so cute. >> i love doing -- taking traditional food and putting a spin on it. here are chilli stuffed peppers. you can also get your veggies in. women will love this. instead of a big pot of chili. why not go ahead and put a stuffed pepper in it? >> please try one. store bought waffle, piece of fried chicken. >> these are frozen waffles. >> i eat these for breakfast every morning. >> so do my kids. they love it. isn't that delicious? then protein. devilled eggs. store bought. very easy. for the lace just do a chive or green onion. >> that's clever. >> i love picking it up. >> we can't forget the best part, right? big game. >> it is?
2:34 am
>> also -- wieners. >> yes. >> i know. it's really tempting. it's really tempting. >> go on. >> you know how usually they're the small ones. we're going to do the actual hot dog size, wrap it in a crescent roll and dip it in golden mustard. you just unfurled it? so smart. >> usually they do it together. leave a little space. isn't that good? >> again, a traditional food. we're just taking it up a notch. >> you even have dessert. >> you have to have dessert. this is carousel cakes. you can order this for the big day, and it's blue velvet with cream cheese filling. >> does that not sound tlishs? -- delicious? loves anything blue. perfect for the panthers, if you are a panthers fan.
2:35 am
under $50. you can order it on-line for the big day. >> whoa -- what's this dip with the fruit here? >> are you ready? it's actually healthy for you. this is chocolate hummus from hope hummus. try it. >> from hope hummus. it's organic garbanzo beans and cocoa powder. do it with some fruit, also healthy. you can sit there and eat that. >> tastes chocolatey. tastes chocolatey. >> okay. then you go to the cake. this is too healthy, then we're going to go to the cake. time-out. okay. selfie photo booth. see this back drop? $18 from home depot. this is just astroturf. you put it up. craft store numbers. then we're going to pick our player.
2:36 am
>> i want peyton too. >> this is your photo booth. come in here. we'll take a selfie. >> do you see that i'm cam? >> put him up. >> get your head. >> and peyton. yeah. we got it. >> thank you so much. >> all right, from a super party to a superstar, stay tuned, charlie puth performs right after this. >> good job, j.j. olay regenerist renews from within, plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will. olay regenerist.
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>> he is a 15-year-old high
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history when at age 12, he became the youngest ever "new york times" best-selling fiction author. >> impressive. jake has something new for fans. a third book. we stepped outside the classroom and into the wilderness. >> it's called "just jake, camp wild survival." >> hi, jake. >> hi. >> thanks for having me. >> hello, mr. "new york times." >> thank you, hoda. >> i think that's a bigger title to have. >> the title being hoda. >> yes. >> the title being hoda. >> it's like oprah. >> whoa. whoa. >> you took it from the classroom outside. why -- are you an outdoor lover? do you like it? >> i think it's kind of weird. i get this question a lot. you must be an outdoors freak, and the truth is i hate going outside. i'm scared. spiders, don't even get me started. i'm a big fan of a lot of the survival tv shows. >> oh, yeah. >> like the alaskan shows, bear grills. >> would you be on one? >> no. i like watching them from the safety of my couch. that's where my survival. >> is that where you got the
2:40 am
>> my whole family is a big fan of the show, watching people outside, doing all these crazy stuff, but i'm definitely not one of the crazy people doing it. i like watching them. >> i was an english teacher. what are your teachers thinking about the fact that you are an accomplished author? >> they're so proud of me. it's really -- everyone has been really proud of me. everyone treats me the same, and -- >> i kind of wish they treated me a little bit better. come on. >> let's say you do a creative writing paper for english, do you ever get a b? do you ever get a c? >> not -- not often. >> yeah. >> but it's definitely not all a's. i'm pretty good. >> what's your toughest subject? >> math. >> mine too. >> i'm really good at the social studies, english, but math kind of gets me. >> you are a writer, "new york times" best seller. do you still have time to be a 15-year-old kid? >> oh, yeah. >> driving. >> driving.
2:41 am
you can be 15 and get a learner's permit. >> i've been driving for a while. >> any dates? >> not yet. you know, i don't have a car. i live with my parents, so it's not -- >> you know, you could write the girl some love poems. do you write poetry? >> i have actually started writing poetry. for christmas i gave all three of my family members all couplets. it's my first time. >> can you do a couplet for hoda? >> put you on the spot. >> i don't know if i'm a freestyle couplet. >> just two lines. >> i'm thinking. i'm not a rapper. if you couldn't tell. if you couldn't tell. >> you got a little game for us? >> it's survival. you guys are out in the woods right now. >> we are. >> you guys got lost. you went camping. you don't know where you are. number one, this is big. >> okay. >> right? what is the distress signal sos commonly associated with?
2:42 am
b, send our signal. c, survive or sacrifice. >> send our signal. >> was there a d? >> the answer was d, none of the above. >> oh. >> what is it? >> it's an international morse code distress signal that's now commonly associated with save our ship. >> save our ship. >> save our ship. >> with a p. >> that's embarrassing. do you have time for one more? >> we have plenty of time. >> which edible insect has the highest source of protein? >> a, beetles? b, ants? c, crickets? >> crickets. >> look at all that protein. >> gag me. >> beetles have more protein than most other insects, and that protein it depends on the type of beetle. you want the biggest beetle? >> thank you so much. >> you wouldn't eat a cockroach. >> no, the biggest beetle you
2:43 am
>> she's a little crazy, jake. >> jake, did you sign them to us? >> jake -- oh -- >> thank you. >> thank you so much. we really appreciate it. you're an inspiration for a lot of kids. thank you very much, we really appreciate it. doesn't end here. >> we have a new album and a new tour and his first stop is here.
2:44 am
we were below the 88 southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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>> the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> i love that song. it's the grammy-nominated artist who hit it big with this collaboration with wiz khalifa, that has more than a billion hits on youtube. >> today charlie puth is releasing his brand-new debut album called "nine track mind."
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"marvin gaye." let's marvin gaye and get it on you got the healing that i want just like they say it in the song until the dawn let's marvin gaye and get it on we got this king size to ourselves don't have to share with no one else don't keep your secrets to yourself it's karma sutra show and tell yeah woah there's loving in your eyes that pulls me closer oh, it pulls me closer it's so subtle it's so subtle i'm in trouble i'm in trouble with you let's marvin gaye and get it on
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let's marvin gaye and get it on just like they say it in the song until the dawn let's marvin gaye and get it on oh >> charlie puth. >> so much fun. >> oh, my gosh. back in a moment. >> this is "today" on nbc. pump up your look plumpify your lashes with new plumpify mascara a ginormous lash lifting brush boosts lashes to 50 times the volume and lifts lashes up up and away... new plumpify mascara from easy breezy r and try new trunaked shadows and liners working on my feet all day gave me pain here. in my lower back
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oh, yes. >> that is so beautiful.
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